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Reviewers get rewarded! Free Mp3 player give away.

We encourage customers to review our products! From now on, if you provide a review on our Amazon product page, and email us with your review permanent link, we'll send you a free brand new MP3 player/voice recorder as appreciation. 

Here's how.

1. From your computer or mobile device, go to our Amazon product page, or search "Kelement Streaming Speaker" on 

2. Scroll down to find the Customer Reviews area, and click "Write a customer review" button.

3. You'll then come to the review input page, please provide your rating and comments. 

4. After submission, you'll see your comments show on our product page comments area shortly. Please screenshot your comment, or find your review's permanent link, and send to us at We will send you this MP3/MP4 player/voice recorder free gift, two colors to choose from. 

This MP3/MP4 player/voice recorder is equipped with 4GB internal memory, rechargeable battery and 1.8" LCD screen. MSRP $29.99. Pink and chocolate two color options. 

Conditions and rules: 

1.) Only 1 free gift allowed per reviewer. 

2.) In the instance that reviews exceed the amount of MP3 player gifts available, we will provide an alternative gift.

Please contact if you have any questions.