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Welcome to Kelement Store! Kelement is an innovative product designed by Kelement International Inc, who has been in the consumer electronics industry for over 15 years. We come up with this idea to make the perfect listening gear for everyone who enjoy listening streaming music, radio, podcasts, and audio books contents. Ease of operation, great sound quality, and portability are our pursuits. We worked with experienced product and interface designers, electronic engineers, and professional audio suppliers, carefully selected every parts, and made prototypes. Finally made the idea come true in our own manufacturer on October 2015! Our products have been a great success in Asia. It's high quality with affordable price has made itself popular gifts for everyone. 

Following the great success of Kelement K1 Internet Radio, SonicGrace Hi-Fi Streaming Speaker system K2 is introduced to North America in March 2017. With bigger screen, heavier speakers, larger batteries, and equal modern stylish design. SonicGrace Hi-Fi Speaker will be another hit on the market.

Kelement could stand for musik, book, they are elemental for our lives. We hope you enjoy it, and feel free to let us know anything we could make it better. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@Kelement_Us).