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New apps added, have you noticed our updates?

Thanks to our customers' awesome feed backs,  we've recently added a bunch of interesting apps to our backup lists, check out on your Kelement unit "Add More" area, no system upgrade needed!

Rhapsody Music Player - a subscription based streaming music service with no ads and infinite skips. Offering 30-day free trial, and costs $9.99/mo after the first month. 

MusixMatch - a cool huge lyrics catalog, accessible through Spotify, and it's free! 

Youtube Music - Although the fact that YouTube Music and Google Play Music both exist is a little confusing, we think it is still cool to have, it has a lot music videos selection.

Slacker RadioSlacker is radio that listens to you, with free and subscription-based access to millions of songs and hundreds of human-powered music stations

AccuRadio - It has over a thousand stations of free internet radio with unlimited skips.

Nook Audiobooks - synchronize to your Nook audio books seamlessly. 

Audiobooks Free - providing many free audio books and free sample for some popular titles.

Hope you enjoy these new apps, and feel free to contact us if you have any other suggestions. 


May 29, 2017 • Posted by Zoran

Is accessing internet radio stations only done through the preloaded apps such as Itune radio or can one search by country via a browser? I am interested in playing as many Stations that I may find from Macedonia.

Mar 17, 2017 • Posted by Michelle Stoetzel


Would it be possible to add Radio Player Canada to the list of available apps to download?

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